About the project

This project intents to achieve:
1. Mark the waste prevention strategy as the backbone of the change from a tradicional-lined economy to a circular one, in all the cities involved, uniting both waste prevention policies and social economy with green employment, with the reuse as main framework.
2. Encourage a consumer habits change on the citizenship. By supersiding the use and worn out paradigm for a waste prevention and material reuse one.
3. Imbue local and regional political figures at partner territories with real substance, according to the knownledge and goals achieved within this project.
For all the aboved-mentioned, Interreg Europe would be use as a networking tool for the preparatory process, advocacy and knownledge-sharing before, during and after the expertise and achievements this other public-founding inicitatives and projetcs have accomplished on the countries all over Europe.

Types of partners you are looking for

Partners with ideas and experiences in circular economy.

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