About the project

RECYCLE aims at strengthening and supporting EU partners in identifying & implementing innovative measures and policies for increasing environmental resource-efficiency, implementing green growth and eco-innovation and improving environmental performance management. Specifically, it aims at improving Policy Instruments targeting sustainable development through regional/local authorities driving waste management towards circular economy models. The improvements targeted are structured into 3 interlinked Thematic Pillars:
1) integrated government systems & supplementary services by authorities (improved governance)
2) innovative cooperation models (stakeholder and community engagement)
3) smart solutions/models (green growth & eco-innovation)
The 3-leg structure with interactions both within and across pillars together with the two way interactions between regional and interregional levels strengthens the cross thematic exchange and enriches the interregional knowledge portfolio

Types of partners you are looking for

- Governments (at all levels such as Cities, Provinces, Counties, Regions, etc)
- Governmental Agencies (working mainly on waste management, environment preservation, resources efficiency, etc)
- Civil Society Organizations (NGOs, Not-For-Profit Associations, Structured Groups of Interests having a special focus on citizens/community inclusive engagement as to the "no-one left behind" principle"

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