About the project

Bringing together small villages and communities engaged in a common project aimed at ensuring the well being, the prosperity and happiness of their inhabitants, BALENTES aims to improve the quality of life in small villages of Europe by promoting the diversification of economic activities, increasing the attractiveness of the territories for businesses and the population, stimulating the creation of new employment opportunities and contrasting territorial marginality and depopulation, through the coherence and sustainability of all policies and actions defined, shared and implemented in their territories:
1. Increase local job demand and the employment;
2. Promote the creation and the establishment of sustainable businesses;
3. Increase the use of the endogenous resources and knowledge;
4. Reduce depopulation and its social costs;
5. Build and strengthen a sustainable infrastructure network.

Types of partners you are looking for

Regions, universities or public and private non profit bodies...Let's get together in Bruxelles, at the European Week of Regions and Cities, on October 9th from 18.30 to 20 at Building SQUARE, Mont des Arts, 1000 Brussels....We'll meet us inside the building but outside the conference room where the Partner's meeting is held.

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