About the project

European industrial transition regions face several challenges such as decrease in industrial employment due to decline in certain traditional industrial activities, lack of appropriate skills-base of the workforce and a lack of investment in innovation. During industrial transition in regions it is particularly important to boost the innovation capacity of existing SMEs that work in areas of regional competitive strength in line with RIS3 as well as to promote the set-up and growth of new enterprises that emerge in “new” and dynamic sectors to fill the gap that arises from declines in certain traditional industrial activities. The project aims at contributing to the regional economic transformation of this kind of regions based on their smart specialisation priorities by boosting the innovation capacity of SMEs and by promoting entrepreneurship in the regions´ niche areas of competitive strength. The project will do this by analysing innovative models of public private partners.

Types of partners you are looking for

Regional authorities, development agencies, thematic clusters, SMEs associations and/or Research Centres from partners representing European industrial transition regions, i.e.
• Hauts-de-France (FR),
• Norra Mellansverige (North-Middle Sweden),
• Piemonte (Italy),
• Saxony (Germany),
• Wallonia (Belgium),
• Centre Val de Loire (France)
• East-North Finland,
• Grand-Est (France),
• Manchester

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