About the project

DANUBE: Addressing European decarbonisation targets requires technologies that reduce energy consumption and emissions whilst fully harnessing the potential of renewable energies. In this context, Fuel Cell and Hydrogen (FCH) technologies constitute a significant opportunity to substitute fossil fuels in transport, energy and industrial sectors. They are well developed in the upper but completely missing in the middle and lower Danube region. As these technologies are now entering the market, a transnational cooperation from public and private partners in the entire Danube macro region is necessary to trigger large-scale deployment for the creation of a sustainable and green HYDROGEN based SOCIETY.
The aim is to establish a business environment & competence clusters in each riparian state and digitally interconnect them in order to enable FCH knowledge and technology transfer from the upper to the lower Danube region, hence fostering transnational cooperation and creating new synergy.

Types of partners you are looking for

Universities, Research and Innovation Centers, Industry, Energy, Transport, Governmental Intitutions, Investors, European Funding Programm Experts.

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