The 4th of the PROGRESS Good Practice video-series is on-line. It is dedicated to the Catalan Forest Laboratory, a Platfrom developed by CREAF, ecology and forest research centre from Catalonia (Spain), jointly with . The Forest Laboratory compiles forest ecology and climate data for all Catalonia, and includes different tools to present it. 

The Catalan Forest Laboratory is a joint initiative that makes available the information and data related to forests generated by two research centers for general public, experts and/or beginners. This data has been pre-processed by researchers and technicians from both research centers to minimize errors during processing the raw data. In this way, the Catalan Forest Laboratory became the starting point for researchers, students, managers or administration staff which needed an access to the data for carrying out their work. The data is stored on a portal where information, apps and other tools could be used and/or downloaded

FES App, to view and download data of forest ecosystem services of Catalonia.
Allometr App, to calculate new variables from equations designed by species, geographical areas and levels (for all Spain).
IFN App, to access, view and download the data of the National Forest Inventory in Catalonia.
Handbook of Good Practices
Support the horizontal integration of the ecosystem concerns into the sectoral policies and plans at regional and/or national level.
LiDAR App, to access, view and calculate forest variables from LiDAR data in Catalonia.

Red Faith was developed by Mecsekerdő, a Hungarian forest management company engaged as stakeholder of PROGRESS. According to company representatives, “Red Faith has shown new ways of contributing to preservation and protection of biodiversity in forest areas by supporting forest companies and other organizations responsible for managing habitats in detailed up-to-date monitoring with airborne imaging. As a specific objective it accelerates reactions to emerging hazards, protects/restores natural assets by enabling to select the most efficient interventions, improve knowledge of forest engineers, and raise awareness on forest values and set up CB  <cross-border> cooperation of forest companies"

Red Faith was selected as a good practice for data management and participatory decision making in the second PROGRESS International Workshop at the beginning of 2021.

The PROGRESS video animation shows in an educational and practical manner the usefulness of Red Faith techniques to a general public. More detailed and technical information can be found at Red Faith webpage, and at PROGRESS Handbook 2. The webpage also includes an illustrated and detailed educational booklet for students, in storytelling format.

And now it is time to fly over the forest with Red Faith video!