Project News

2nd Regional Stakeholders Meeting - Erfurt (PP5)


PriMaaS Project Partner 5, from Erfurt University, organized on the 25th June...

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2nd Regional Stakeholders Meeting - Tampere (PP9)


The Council of Tampere Region arranged the second regional stakeholder meeting...

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3rd Work Group Meeting


The PriMaaS project 3rd Work Group Meeting was held on 24 April 2020 and had the...

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Smart City Mindtrek 2020 – Tampere, Finland


PriMaaS PPs attended to the International Technology Conference and Business...

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1st Stakeholders meeting - Erfurt (PP5)


On January 17, the first stakeholders meeting took place at the University of...

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1st Regional Stakeholders Meeting – Italy (PP3, PP7)


Last January, PriMaaS project stakeholders from Italy had their first meeting to...

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Interreg Europe Seminar - Budapest


PriMaaS LP participated in the IE Seminar on Finance reporting, activities and...

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1st Regional stakeholder meeting-Portugal (PP1, PP2)


Portuguese Secretary of States for Planning and for Mobility will participate in...

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PriMaaS kick-off meeting


PriMaas project beggining marked by the realization of a kick-off meeting in...

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