Project Events

First Regional Stakeholder Group meeting - Liguria


Stakeholders from the Liguria region will meet for the first time on 21 January....

Type: Project

1st regional stakeholder meeting - Timisoara


For the first time, PriMaS project stakeholders from Romania will meet in the...

Type: Project

1st regional stakeholder event - Coimbra


Portuguese Secretary of States for Planning and for Mobility in the 1st PriMaaS...

Type: Project

1st regional stakeholder event - Southeast Scotland


SEStran - PriMaaS Regional Stakeholder Meeting

Type: Project

PriMaaS first regional stakeholder group meeting


The first regional stakeholder meeting of project PriMaaS will take place in the...

Type: Project

Kick off meeting, in Aveiro


European partners representatives will meet in Aveiro, Portugal to participate...

Type: Project