The first partner meeting of the POWERTY project, whose general objective is to facilitate the use of renewable energies among the vulnerable groups affected by energy poverty (after the Kick-off meeting held in Seville in September 2019) was held in Manchester (UK) on 16th and 17th January 2020, which focused on the presentation of the different regional SWOT analysis prepared by partners, as well as a working group session and discussion on the different Good Practices detected in the participating regions related to the four challenges addressed in the project: identify new innovative renewable energy technologies aimed at vulnerable groups, including collective and urban energy systems; new financing mechanisms for renewable energies adequate for vulnerable groups; improvements in the regulatory framework for renewable energies and vulnerable groups and empowering of vulnerable groups and social innovation to stimulate citizen participation of these social groups.

As an integral part of the meeting, the host partner, the University of Manchester, organised a Study Visit to the Aaebn housing complex, developed by the One Manchester Housing Association (Manchester´s largest not-for-proft and non-governmental provider of housing and community services), a new development of 105 homes which are heated, and hot water is provided, via air source heat pumps that are located on the roof of the development. During the Study Visit, POWERTY partners had the opportunity to observe the pumps in action, and discuss the technical and social challenges associated with managing the development with representatives from One Manchester. The Study Visit highlighted the multiple benefits of innovative renewable energy installations for a social housing provider like One Manchester, as well as the financial, technical and social difficulties associated with the process.