As we missed the meeting in Ettlingen (Germany) in March 2020, we have asked 4 questions to our partner Stadtweke Ettlingen to get to know what is a "stadtwerke" and which are its objectives within POTEnT project.

Stadtwerke Ettlingen is unique in the POTEnT partnership. Can you explain a little bit more about your organisation?

As a wholly owned subsidiary of the city of Ettlingen, Stadtwerke Ettlingen GmbH (SWE) is the municipal supply and service company for Ettlingen and the region. For more than 150 years, we have been supplying electricity, gas, water and heat safely and reliably to wherever private households and the economy need them - ecologically, sustainably and at fair prices. Sustainable energy supply is very important to us. So, we help shape the energy transition responsibly and actively. Furthermore, we operate four public baths and the conference and event center “Buhlsche Mühle”. 

Our 237 employees ensure the smooth supply for approximately 40,000 citizens of Ettlingen. In addition, many customers trust our supply and services far beyond Ettlingen. 

We are modern and service-oriented and adapt our product world to the individual needs of our customers. Large and industrial customers appreciate our flexible and individual offers around the electricity and natural gas supply. The real estate industry in the private, social and public sectors benefits from our efficient and profitable solutions in heat supply. 

We also play an important role in terms of economic, cultural and social development in Ettlingen and the region. We support sporting and cultural events, social institutions and renewable energies with great commitment. In this way, we make a significant contribution to the quality of life in Ettlingen and the entire region.

If you want to know more about us, visit our website 


What are your amibition and goals within POTEnT? 

As part of the EU POTEnT project, SWE wants to achieve a 15 % reduction of CO2 emissions in Ettlingen until 2023. Furthermore, SWE would like to raise awareness of energy saving potential among the citizens of Ettlingen, particularly by organizing events for and with children and young people. 

Core goal is to identify relevant good practices and learn in this way from the other European project partners.  Facing enormous challenges in the energy market, our aim is to develop and improve local and renewable energy services, that will lead to lower energy costs and reduce environmental impacts. 


Which are the targets of your organisation on energy transition and how does it contribute to the goals of energy transition and climate change of your region?

SWE's goal regarding the energy transition is to achieve a CO2-free energy and water supply for the city and the region. This is in complete accordance with the goals of our region, the district of Karlsruhe. Here we are accompanied and supported by the staff of the Karlsruhe Environment and Energy Agency ( 


If a public authority would want to localize energy transition, which would be the first step that should consider to have a good start? 

For a successful start, it is crucial to address this topic with the necessary conviction. A will to implement is imperative for those concerned - lip service leads to failure. The federal government's energy concept is the compass of the energy transition. It sets clear goals for all of its areas - electricity, heating and transport. 

The focus is on two core goals: On the one hand, the energy supply is to be increasingly converted to renewable energies. On the other hand, energy should be used more and more efficiently.

The energy transition is a collaborative effort. Therefore, everyone involved in the energy transition must be closely involved in its implementation. Federal, state and local authorities as well as business and society. After all, the energy transition will only succeed if everyone contributes with their strengths and skills.