On Tuesday 26th and Wednesday 27th November the first POTEnT Thematic Event (TE) will take place in Pamplona, Spain. The TE will be a fully two-days inspiring meeting with a mix of presentations from external experts, project partners and plenty of interactive moments.

The main aim of the event is to initiate the Interregional Learning process of POTEnT and, more specifically, to allow all partners to clearly set their Learning Needs. This is the first fundamental step in their journey that will help them to achieve their policy implementation goals and, ultimately, to produce their RAP. 

The TE will be divided in four sessions (half day for each). Each session is coupled to a specific theme: 

1. Acquiring local skills 

2. Local Stakeholders Engagement and Governance 

3. Funding and developing local projects (including business case development) 

4. Smart Cities and Energy 

Approximately 40 participants (project partners, local stakeholders and external experts) will join this two-days event. For each theme there will be presentations from both external experts and project partners and an interactive discussion moderated by the knowledge partner (Erasmus University Rotterdam), where each partner will have to formulate a list of Learning Needs. 

After returning home, each partner will hold a MENTORING DAY during which they will digest the lessons learnt from the Thematic Event, assess the local opportunities and constraints, concretise its RAP objective, list its learning needs.



Morning Session: Theme 1: Developing Local Skills

• General introduction 

• Developing a shared vision for getting Carbon neutral

• Local stakeholders’ engagement: examples from Belgium, France and Germany

• Interactive work session

Afternoon Session: Theme 2: Stakeholder Engagement

• Involvement of local citizens in sustainable energy  projects 

• Citizen-funded renewable energy projects

• Interactive work session


Morning Session: Theme 3: The Business case for sustainable energy: funding local  projects 

• Innovative Financing for  Local Sustainable Energy Solutions 

• Households R.O.I. for sustainable energy

• Milton Keynes Carbon Offset Fund program• Interactive work session

Afternoon Session: Theme 4: Smart Energy Cities

• Smart Energy in Växjö and/or READY project: Resource Efficient cities implementing ADvanced smart citY solutions 

• STARTDUST project

• Closure