During the latest POTEnt meeting, held On Friday 11 December, partners discussed about the updates on next semester activities. Curiosity for the project development, wishes for Christmas and warm smiles enriched the digital welcome session of the meeting. This welcome shifted partners' attention from the (almost) ordinary COVID-19 tasks to new POTEnt developments. Standing still is not an option; action is now the key word!

Indeed, due to circulation restrictions and delays in the project, the program has changed: three experimental online study visits will be held in January and February 2021. Hence, ALOEN, the Energy and Climate Agency for the South Brittany, the Municipality of Milton Keynes and Energikontor Sydost, the Energy Agency for the Southeast of Sweden, will present their good practices online. By doing so, these partners are acting as POTEnt’s guinea pig, testing new solutions for the project development by organizing online visits. In addition, during semester three, project officers will meet partners one to one in order to assist them in the Regional Action Plan’s creation. 

In spite of the flexibility shown in the project management, the general hope is to physically attend the events in semester four. From March onward. 

The first online event on schedule is Vaxjo energy (100% fossil free production), digitally hosted by the Energy Agency of the Southeast of Sweden. Secondly, on February 8 2021, ALOEN, the Energy and Climate Agency for the South Brittany, will present the citizen the organization OnCIMè, supporting and managing RES investments. Last but not least, the municipality of Milton Keynes will present the software TEAM SIGMA, for the centralized utility bill and sustainability monitoring. 

Resilience implies the capability of turning threats into opportunities. That said, the new project design shows a remarkable flexibility entailing the exploration of new ways for project development, such as online visits. As such, we are pleased to whish a warm and safe Christmas to all the POTenters!