Through the installation of a photovoltaic solar panel roof on the local police building, the Municipality of Pamplona defined a new way of managing renewable energy.

The facility, first of its kind in the city, will count on an intelligent microgrid, a storage in second life batteries and recharging sockets for electric vehicles with V2G technology.

It will generate between 10 and 15% of the total energy demand of the building. Therefore, after the works, the building will go from being a mere consumer of electrical energy to becoming a “prosumer”.

What does the word “prosumer” mean? It is a definition described in the EU Winter Package. A prosumer is a user of electrical energy who, in addition to demanding energy from the distribution network, is able to generate part of that energy in its own installation. 

In this case, the building will be able to generate energy from a 78kW photovoltaic installation composed by 266 panels and will increase municipal power by 25%. 

Along with the generation, the building will have a 200kWh storage with a second-life battery system and a V2G (Vehicle to Grid) recharging technology for electric vehicles.

Pamplona City Council made an investment of more than 45 thousand euros for this installation, that is part of the Horizon 2020 European project called Stardust

A project is born with the main objective of increasing global energy efficiency and improving the quality of life in the participating cities, as well as promoting the local economy and new business models.

If you want to know more about this and other projects Pamplona is carrying out within Stardust, please visit the project website