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Gamification to educate school pupils about energy


How to elicit a behavioral change in energy usage: a pilot game-designed project...

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A study visit about One-Stop-Shops


On April 21 Parma, ALOEN & Pamplona shared their experience on the creation of...

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Italy towards PED: the experience of Milan & Parma


Talking about Positive Energy Districts and energy communities, the Italian...

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Carbon reducing green bus shelters in Milton Keynes


Milton Keynes' fight against CO2 emissions also involves bus stops: new...

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PMG4- Much learn and gain for this semester


On 11th March 2021, the fourth project management group meeting was held,...

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The KilometroVerdeParma reforestation project


KilometroVerdeParma is a concrete, widespread, tangible project aimed at...

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Milton Keynes: centralization of utility bills


During POTEnT third online study visit, Milton Keynes presented TEAM, a software...

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OnCIMè a company owned by citizens


During POTEnT's second online study visit, virtually travelling to south...

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Parma enters semester 4 with its stakeholder meeting


On January 29 Parma municipality held its first stakeholder meeting, involving...

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Lessons from Sweden: welcome to Vaxjo energy!


On Tuesday 19th January, POTEnT launches its first online study visit. The...

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Online study visits are ready to start!


POTEnT’s 2021 is getting a head start: everything is ready for the beginning of...

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Parma on the path towards carbon neutrality by 2030


A territorial alliance to achieve carbon neutrality in Parma

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