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Valorisation of the Roman Theatre of Medellin

Summary: In 2007 the Roman theater of Medellín was an example of forgotten and abandoned heritage site. A Plan for its valorisation has turned it into a key monument.

Location: Extremadura, Spain (España)

Valorisation of the Saint James Way - Portuguese Coastal Way

Summary: A network of intermunicipal cooperation and community involvement as key aspects for the valorisation and tourist affirmation of cultural routes.

Location: Norte, Portugal

Rehabilitation of the Iron Gates Region Museum Complex and its...

Summary: Rehabilitation and valorisation of Iron Gates Region Museum Complex, an historical cultural heritage in order to create a tourist product.

Location: Sud-Vest Oltenia, Romania (România)


Submitted by: Lucia Sepe, 06/05/2016

Valorisation of dairy products from local sheep and goat breeds and enhancing the income of breeders, by preserving the animal biodiversity, through a model "1 breed-1 EU recognised product"

FINCH - Financing impact on regional development of cultural...

Lead Partner: Piemonte Region

What is FINCH? FINCH brings together 7 partners from 6 regions across Europe who share the same commitment to the protection of cultural heritage, based on its potential impact on growth and jobs, which could lead to long-term social and economic...

Valorisation strategy through cultural routes

02/04/2019 - 05/04/2019

Green Pilgrimage Study Visit in Italy - Valorisation strategy through cultural routes - Monti Dauni...

Type: Project

Public sector and NGO’s cooperating for valorisation of the...

Summary: Cultural Park “Town of Weavers” is an example of how the cultural heritage is refurbished with EU funds and valorized with NGO’s cooperation.

Location: Łódzkie, Poland (Polska)

Hericoast in [email protected] Europe let´s cooperate.


Hericoast has been invited to participate in a matchmaking session “Systematisation and valorisation...

Type: Project

Lancement d’un projet de coopération européenne


La Fédération nationale des Communes forestières a participé au lancement d’un projet de coopération...

Type: Project

Iron Gates Region Museum approved by IE PLP expert!


Iron Gates Region Museum Complex and its valorisation as a tourist product - has been positively...

Type: Project