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SmartEdge was hosting its third workshop 23.-25. September in Brandenburg, Potsdam, entitled Business development based on renewable energy.
Type: Project
Join the Renewable Energy Investment webinar to reflect on the goals that have been set at national and regional level in Ireland.
Type: Project
Analysis of renewable energy potential and energy use in the agricultural sector in North Karelia, Finland.
From folder: Regional studies
Lead Partner: Extremadura Energy Agency
Why RES are not growing as expected? Most Member States and European regions, have introduced measures to boost RES generation and storage in their regional RIS3 strategy, national energy strategic plans and their respective regional programmes, for Investment for Growth and Jobs, but most of Members States are below the expected RES 2020 targets. RES are not growing as expected, and States are now looking for new solutions such as energy storage or innovative financial schemes. RES sector is requiring new supporting schemes, capable of unlocking the great potential of private investment by overcoming the financial, legal and administrative barriers in decentralized investment for both, RES generation and storage.  FIRESPOL: The way to find new solutions FIRESPOL seeks to boost regionally-specialized and decentralized Renewable Energy Private Investment, by introducing improvements in the management of OPs which will break the financial barriers currently stopping the investment of the RES sector. The objective is to create, inside the OPs, new supporting schemes such as Financial Instruments (FIs) or new grants schemes which can achieve the same socioeconomic impacts than FIs.  OUTPUTS Improving 6 OPs in 6 EU regions, involving 4 Managing Authorities and 2 key energy actors. Influencing 7,2M€ of SFs by the policy instruments 90 people increasing professional capacity attending interregional events 32 policy learning events with stakeholders 15 good practices identified and 90 collected in a Guide of Best Practices
Simplification of administrative procedures to allow prosumers, including vulnerable groups, to use energy from renewable energy power plants in their household
Location: Lietuva, Lithuania (Lietuva)
Project: POWERTY
Energy Efficiency in Public Administration Programme in Portugal
Type: Project
On Tuesday 19th January, POTEnT launches its first online study visit. The protagonist is VEAB, the municipality-owned district heating company of Växjö, Sweden
Type: Project
In this online workshop, Sweden showed the good work they do in their region, in terms of energy transition, to representatives of several European regions
Type: Project
Game Reveals the complexities involved in the energy transition
Type: Project
City of Heinola, is hosting a webinar for SME POWER Stakeholders - ‘’New Growth from Energy Efficiency and Renewables’’ the 2nd Regional Energy Group Meeting.
Type: Project