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Policy Brief on the role of regional cooperation in preserving...


This Policy Brief highlights the value of cultural heritage, considers how regions can meet the...

Type: Platform

Interreg EU Policy Brief refers to SmartPilots


INTERREG Europe released today a policy brief entitled: 'Towards synergies between S3P-Industry and...

Type: Project

Policy brief on sustainable waste management


A Policy Brief from the Policy Learning Platform on Environment and resource efficiency, by Interreg...

Type: Project

Policy Brief Flanders

Policy Brief Flanders

From folder: Project Deliverables

Policy Brief 3rd Semestre- Catalonia

3rd semester Catalonia

From folder: Policy Brief

Digital transformation and SMEs: what regions can do

This policy brief is an introduction to the policy field of digitalisation and digital transformation.

From folder: Policy briefs, SME competitiveness

Low-carbon economy experts feature hot topics for policy makers...


Take a look at the topics that our low-carbon economy experts have treated in the field of energy...

Type: Platform

Policy brief on smart grids


Smart-grid technologies present a solution to the need to provide flexibility in the electricity...

Type: Platform

A1.4 Policy Brief

Faktori, kas ietekmē galveno GPP4Growth nozaru uzņēmumus, kuri piedalās zaļajos līgumos un iepirkumos.

From folder: Latvian version of the GPP4Growth Policy Briefs

Policy Brief on bridging the gap between science and policy...


Nowadays, the word ‘gap’ is mentioned almost in every context, and nowhere is it heard more often...

Type: Platform