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Workshop and exchange of experiences in Ljubljana

24/05/2017 - 25/05/2017

Workshop and exchange of experiences in Ljubljana on 24th-25th May 2017

Type: Project

Collective brand “Bohinjsko/From Bohinj”

Summary: The "Bohinjsko" brand relates to development of local traditional and innovative products. It guarantees geographic origin and high quality of products.

Location: Zahodna Slovenija, Slovenia (Slovenija)

SmartPilots invited to DG Grow Expert Workshop


SmartPilots invited to participate in the expert validation workshop “Access of SMEs to KETs...

Type: Project

Order 31/2014: Aids addressed to the Internationalisation of the...

Summary: Grant for the recruitment of a foreign trade technician for at least 3 years, run by the Regional Government of Extremadura.

Location: Extremadura, Spain (España)

What design can bring to European SMEs?


Article by Pedro Asti, MA student from the University of Padua, intern at PDR Policy Team.

Type: Project


Submitted by: Francisco Cerrato, 21/12/2018

FOREST FASHION initiative tackles new cohesion-based SMEs' internacionalization & innovation schemes for unlocking and boosting disrupting ways of collaboration amongst European cork and textile & clothing industry-based regions. The main goal is to...

SILVER SMEs - Identification and Implementation of Regional Policies...

Lead Partner: Provincial Government of Teruel

SILVER SMEs aims to improve the implementation and delivery of Regional Policies for SMEs competitiveness by building on significant opportunities arising from the Silver Economy (SE). This 5 year Interreg Europe project was launched in June 2018.

Producing clay products with reducing deforastation

Submitted by: Jimmy Bernard Makurazo, 17/02/2019

RUBRICKS AND TILES & EBENEZER CONSTRUCTION GROUP is a pioneering company in the manufacture of ecological brick of very high quality and multifunctional building construction. Rubricks and Tiles, has as mission, environmental protection, reduction of...


Region of Ionian Islands

Interested in: Joining a project, Networking with peers

Optimization of waste management in urban spaces and in...

Submitted by: Mihaly Jonas Kalmar, 06/01/2019

Waste is an issue that affects us all. We all produce waste: on average, each of the 500 million people living in the EU throws away around half a tonne of household waste every year There is a need for controlling the pathway of the wastage from...