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CRE:HUB - policies for cultural CREative industries: the HUB for...

Lead Partner: Basilicata Region

What is CRE:HUB? CRE:HUB brings together eight regions that consider Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI) a strategic sector of development and want to create new enterprises and to support the existing ones working in this field. Why is needed...

Valentina Bottega

Confindustria Verona

Interested in: Joining a project, Networking with peers

Dimitar Hristov

Cluster Sofia Knowledge City

Interested in: Leading a project, Joining a project, Sharing a project idea, Networking with peers

Friuli Venezia Giulia Region Roadmap

Culture and Creative Industry in FVG Region (IT)

From folder: CRE:HUB Roadmaps

Centru Region Roadmap

Culture and Creative Industry in Centru Region (RO)

From folder: CRE:HUB Roadmaps

CRE:HUB 4th Study Visit Agenda

Riga, Cesis, Sigulda, 5th-6th September 2017

From folder: CRE:HUB Study Visits and BarCamp

CRE:HUB at Cēsis History and Art Museum 5

Study visit Cēsis Sept 5th 2017

From folder: CRE:HUB Photogallery Cēsis, Sigulda, Riga

2017_06_26_FVG Partner webnews

Cultura: Torrenti, progetto Cre:Hub unisce creatività a sviluppo

From folder: CRE:HUB on the Partner's Istitutional Web Sites

Commissione Europea finanzia CRE:HUB

News on European Year of Cultural Heritage issued by Lalacunia, Italian language, 24/01/2018

From folder: CRE:HUB Media appearances and articles

CRE:HUB poster in Portugal

CRE:HUB poster in the office of Helena and Diogo. Thanks!

From folder: CRE:HUB poster in the Partner's headquarters