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Planning and implementation of targeted policy instrument on energy efficiency in public buildings. Energy efficiency provides long term financial benefits..
Type: Project
he Canary Islands Government held a virtual seminar on technological solutions to reduce energy consumption in water treatment and distribution.
Type: Project
Tackling energy poverty is the biggest challenge for Bulgaria on the path to a full liberalization of its energy market
Type: Project
The first Summary Report of the Community of Practice (CoP) meetings of each partner region.
Type: Project
A modular prefabricated solution will be applied in the integrated rehabilitation of a social housing pilot building in Vila Nova de Gaia (Portugal)
Type: Project
How could you make a building energy efficient friendly? Stick to a six-step checklist shared by one of our stakeholders in Northern Ireland.
Type: Project
CICYTEX has developed a prototype of CSP to produce a medium-temperature solar thermal system, based on the FRESNEL technology.
Type: Project
On December 4, SWORDA organized an Infoday - information event on decarbonization and the fair transition to a low carbon economy.
Type: Project
This is the Romanian Energy Strategy for the period 2018 - 2030, with a time horizon 2050.
Type: Project
The Portuguese Council of Ministers approved a Resolution that establishes the strategic vision, objectives and instruments of action
Type: Project