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Moving beyond NZEB-requirements


Peter Albrecht project stakeholder talks about the great occasions that CLEAN provides to observe...

Type: Project

Interview with a stakeholder: Province of Drenthe


During one of the meetings, Maya Janssen, Province of Groningen, asked Rein Bouwer from Province of...

Type: Project



ENEA and Milan Metropolitan City signed an agreement for the realisation of a “One Stop Shop”.

Type: Project

3rd Stakeholders meeting of Lazio Region


The Lazio Region presented the first draft of the project’s Action plan and sum up the potential...

Type: Project

First Stakeholder Meeting in Pazardzhik, Bulgaria


The first GPP-STREAM stakeholder meeting in Bulgaria was held in Pazardzhik on the 24th of October...

Type: Project

ENERSELVES takes center stage at EUSEW 2018


The Autonomous Region of Sardinia organized this meeting at the EUSEW 2018 edition in Brussels

Type: Project

EU From Farm to Fork strategy


The Farm to Fork strategy is aiming to improve the sustainability of European food systems

Type: Platform

MOLOC on the ground #4 Suceava


All MOLOC partners gathered during two days to discover Suceava's projects

Type: Project

Greening the movie business through grid connection


Take a look at an inspiring example of this project on how the filming industry can be greener.

Type: Platform

Interview - 30MILES project


Discover one of PASSAGE best practices: the development of sailing in the Gulf of Finland with...

Type: Project