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Dynamic Landfill Management strategy @Remo landfill


This presentation was held at the thematic event on recycling technologies in landfill management...

Type: Project

COVID-19: municipal waste management across Europe


COVID-19 not only has unprecedented impacts on our personal lives, but it also raises questions and...

Type: Project

DPZ performs its first MOMAr Tour


The Zaragoza Provincial Council continues to work to advertise the project and establish lines of...

Type: Project

Energy Management Systems

Presentation by Marion Braams, CGI

From folder: Presentations Almere Conference

Enegry Management Systems

Presentation by Bert den Ouden, FAN

From folder: Presentations Almere Conference

Queue Management System

Summary: Fully automated queue management system, over 50km, to give buses priority but at minimal delay to other traffic.

Location: Eastern Scotland, United Kingdom

Management Information System: INTHEPRO

Summary: Sustaining and scaling financial services ask for a MIS which serves to boost productivity, transparency and ensures quality.

Location: Darmstadt, Germany (Deutschland)

Cluster management Northern Netherlands


A summy of the graduation Thesis: Clustermanagement in the Northern Netherlands

Type: Project

Energy management information system (EMIS)

Summary: EMIS is a national web application for monitoring, analysis and verifying of energy and water consumption data and savings in public sector buildings.

Location: Jadranska Hrvatska, Croatia (Hrvatska)

Mercury Project for building monitoring centre

Summary: The Mercury project brought together discrete Building Management Systems BMS into a singular system, thus providing significant savings and simplify monitoring

Location: Mellersta Norrland, Sweden (Sverige)