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Snowchange staff Tero and Kaisu Mustonen will deliver a workshop on traditional ecological knowledge (TEK) in Riga Latvia on Monday 13th May.
Type: Project
Award-winning Voucher Schemes assist traditional enterprises to combat the impact of COVID-19
Type: Project
Come and learn more about successfully linking creative industries with traditional industrial value chains.
Type: Project
DELTACRAFT is aimed at revitalizing traditional crafts in the Danube Delta area through the collaboration between local artisans and contemporary designers.
Location: Sud-Est, Romania (România)
Project: Delta Lady
TRINNO Final conference, Interregional cooperation for digital innovation in traditional enterprises. Online event held on 25th November 2020, 10:00 - 17:00
Type: Project
Research on the feasibility and exemplary implementation of cooperation between traditional schools in village environments and parents with their children who are critical of compulsory schooling With ever tighter budgets, schools in rural areas are increasingly threatened with closure. For agile, internationally active and highly motivated parents who are critical of a regular school, village structures with an intact social environment are attractive. This also includes a local school, because it encourages the settlement of young parents with children or those who wish to have children. How can classic, grown educational offers of a regular school with innovative approaches of alternative educational elites come together to form a synergy that enriches both sides, maintains, consolidates and expands the village structures, if both sides can contribute their strength and commitment?
Discover how the eIDAS regulation can help your region in digitalisation of business services.
Type: Platform
Throwback to our last meeting in Sofia (Bulgaria)
Type: Project
Free access to the largest virtual reality event in France as a chance to explore VR from all
Type: Project
Reposition the wood and furniture sector as an eco-friendly, smart, quality of life assisting and knowledge intensive sector.
Type: Project