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Jan Frank Mars (Rijkswaterstaat Soil+) shortly presented the FP7 project HOMBRE, HOlistic Management of Brownfield REgeneration.
Type: Project
On 4th December 2020 the governor of Antwerp held her annual State-of-the-Province to province’s commission, focusing on the theme of “Our Soil”
Type: Project
The University of Lorraine attended a national event dedicated to soil pollution.
Type: Project
A surface capping system was installed with requirements to soil quality that maximizes evapotranspiration and reduces the groundwater recharge rate.
Location: Brandenburg, Germany (Deutschland)
Project: COCOON
Bird Rock is built by cleaning and reusing of 90.000 m3 contaminated soil and nowadays the structure provides a safe breeding ground for multiple bird species.
Location: Noord-Holland, Netherlands (Nederland)
Project: COCOON
Waste = Electricity & Worms = Organic fertiliser
Type: Project
Maramures County is actively involved in valorising at regional and interregional level, the experiences and the lessons learned within the FC4EU project
Type: Project
The Farm to Fork strategy is aiming to improve the sustainability of European food systems
Type: Platform
CECI article on involving citizens in composting in the CECI project partner region in the Czech Republic. Published in LAB Focus 3.5.2021.
Type: Project
Promoting the BRANDTour project in the European Conference on “Smart Regions” in Helsinki
Type: Project