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New strategy for the UK Design Council
Type: Project
The French writer André Gide said “Everything that has to be said has already been said. But since no one has listened, it must be repeated over and over" Fr...
Type: Project
The final event of the Transitioning Regions Towards Industrial Symbiosis (TRIS) will take place virtually on 15 October 2020.
Type: Project
Environmental Protection Agency Ireland is hosting an online public lecture on climate change and nature-based solutions.
Type: Project
CoLab & Sustainable Nation are hosting an event to increase awareness of the opportunities in climate change
Type: Project
Communities need to be aware of the range of technologies and options available to reduce their carbon footprint.
Type: Project
The slot management system introduced by the veterinary control authority of Hamburg enables trucks to book inspection appointments and helps to reduce traffic.
Location: Hamburg, Germany (Deutschland)
The 2nd regional Workshop on energy data availability and financing of efficiency measures was organised in two groups with a total of 23 participants. There ar...
Type: Project
GENERAL OBJECTIVE:The happiness and well-being of the inhabitants of the small villages of Europe. SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES: best quality of life in the small villages of Europe; diversification of economic activities; increase attractiveness of the territories; new and good job opportunities.THROUGH: an innovative cooperation system between Europe's smaller local authorities,European Network of Universities and experts, aimed at:1) the diffusion of political/programmatic and problem solving skills; 2) an innovative governance model based on the competence and responsibility of local authorities; 3) sustainability of planned and implemented interventions; 4) evaluate the impact not only in terms of GDP but also in relation to the happiness and well-being of the inhabitants; 5) the involvement of universities, European networks and local knowledge; 6) improving relations between Center and Periphery; 6) Ensuring transparency, protection of collective interests and fighting corruption.
Eirini Sfakianaki, Emmanouil Karapidakis and Efprepios Baradakis Greek stakeholders share their vision on interregional cooperation.
Type: Project