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Lead Partner: Brainport Development N.V.
A challenge for us all Innovation is a game-changer. And innovation in healthcare  is not only a life-saver, but it improves and enhances the quality of people’s lives.The result is a population in Europe whose proportion of  citizens aged 65 and older is projected to double over the next 50 years. Paradoxically, then, this innovation has also presented us with the considerable societal challenge of today and tomorrow: how can healthcare systems be made sustainable in the face of an exponential rise in longevity, taking account of the need for care, affordability and management of scarce resources?It is a challenge that affects us all – from government to citizen, from industry to hospital ward. And the solution is one that requires the engagement and participation of all parties.
Development and implementation of tools for identifying, conserving and managing ecological corridors in the Carpathians, through a multidisciplinary approach.
Location: Bucureşti - Ilfov, Romania (România)
Project: BIOGOV
Landscape and heritage development plan Maarhuizen shows a layered infrastructure of cooperation and a multifunctional approach in redevelopment of heritage.
Location: Groningen, Netherlands (Nederland)
Project: MOMAr
“Climate for Silesia” is a cooperation across the voivodeship. The Botanical Garden increases the knowledge about nature and environmental protection.
Location: Śląskie, Poland (Polska)
Project: UL2L
The Greenway combines the enhancement of urban green, river banks and landscapes with creating a network of paths connecting municipalities in Umbria.
Location: Umbria, Italy (Italia)
Project: UL2L
The project defines and designs a large road junction as a precious connection from a morphological, environmental and urban point of view.
Location: Umbria, Italy (Italia)
Project: UL2L
Building a cycle route to surround protected marshland at risk because of the development of urban border areas, whilst conserving the marsh’s coastal facades
Location: Andalucía, Spain (España)
Project: ECO-CICLE
Lake Balaton Development Coordination Agency

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Submitted by: Jean-Paul MARIANI, 17/03/2017
Improvement of urban public policies by developing European regional action plans on nature in cities, linked to ecological connectivity and socio-economic solidarity with peri-urban natural areas. The project will : - Organize city-based resilience facing climate change : enabling urban matrix to become permeable to species through a strengthened ecological network between cities and peri-urban protected areas (PUPAs). This ecological network could also benefit PUPAs so that mutual connectivity is strengthened. - Improve ecological connectivity between cities and PUPAs relying on ecosystem services; This will also improve socio-economic solidarity between cities’ centers and peri-urban natural areas. - Capitalize on methodologies developed through several PAs management plan and ecological connectivity strategies in Europe as well as spatial planning. Capitalize and valorize scientific research about nature in cities.
Cooperation and combined planning will develop strategies to reinforce: the coordination between the interregional and transnational territory; the economic social environmental sustainability; Awareness knowledge, protection of the natural and cultural resources. They are focusing on in the rupestrian cultural heritage. Build and live in rock, is a cultural phenomenon, characteristic of many civilization that discerns territory and varied people, Europeans and in the World. Pilot projects will encourage the economy redevelopment of rupestrian areas or underground structures (caves) inside to the urban and rural settlements, often based along the canyon ravines-graves-caves, at the front of the sea. Requalify urban systems and infrastructures for viability and hydro, means put in security the places, people and opportunity for job, and smart technology for a Km 0 transnational culture. Rupestrian itinerary for enrichement of underdeveloppement territories.