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4th GP guide


Development of monitoring systems within the incubators

Type: Project

Building capacity for design - Part 1


We are sharing our discussions on what works for building capacity for design in business support...

Type: Project

Design as inclusive problem-solving method - Part 1


Caldon Mercieca, manager at the Valletta Design Cluster within the Valletta Cultural Agency, talks...

Type: Project

One minute with el Cubo


One minute speech sessions to discover what is around the corner. Today we meet Ignacio Morales El...

Type: Project

Young companies and green companies

Judit Gulya - STIC (Germany)

From folder: 1st Interregional Thematic Seminar - Seville

2nd Stakeholder Group Meeting

Agenda - Seville, 10 February 2017

From folder: Seville - Regional Meetings

1st Stakeholder Group Meeting

Seville - 20 October 2016

From folder: Seville - Regional Meetings

The global Community for Tech Products

Mrs. Katarzyna Bocheńska, TechHub (Poland)

From folder: 1st Interregional Thematic Seminar - Seville

PR2 2170203 SEW Firenze PerMicro

SEW Firenze PerMicro

From folder: Media appearence

BTU Startup service

Brandenburg University of Technology - Startup service - Magdalena Mißler-Behr Prof. Dr.

From folder: 2nd Interregional Thematic Seminar - Tallin