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Lead Partner: General Directorate for Social Economy and Self-Employed Persons - Regional Government of Castile and León
SOCENT SPAs will foster interregional cooperation among six public/private entities of Finland, Germany, Slovakia and Spain in a view to improve the effectiveness of regional policies in actively supporting the visibility, incubation and acceleration of social entrepreneurs in sparsely populated areas (SPAs) as a driver to regional competitiveness and inclusive growth. A particular challenge In SPAs, demographic trends are a particular challenge. As counter-measure, social innovation needs to be developed to promote employment and competitiveness as it can make a real difference as a source of innovative approaches for resolving societal challenges through mobilizing civil society to further inclusive socioeconomic development. Social Enterprises (SEs) directly benefit local development and correct major socioeconomic imbalances while benefiting local communities, a crucial asset to secure the population in SPAs. However, bespoke support for SEs is limited; policymakers can play a significant role by setting up the right legal framework.  Interregional exchange of knowledge Thus, to influence policies in a view to enhance SEs’ visibility and competitiveness whilst taking into account SPAs’ conditions, interregional exchange of knowledge and successful experiences/good practices will be fundamental. With an integrated approach, a comprehensive learning process based on identification, analysis and transfer will be implemented through workshops, site visits and meetings with stakeholders. Based on the learning acquired, action plans aiming at integrating SEs in SPAs support schemes into policies will be developed. Communication will play a crucial role in supporting the action. Four implemented action plans  The main outputs will be a best practices guide for SEs in SPAs and 4 implemented action plans. The main results will be policymakers' awareness raised on SEs as a driver to inclusive growth and their capacities increased in identifying SEs’ needs and addressing these adequately in their policies to create an enabling legal environment for SEs.
31/05/2017 - 02/06/2017
The next co-creation event will focus on ”Cities and sparsely populated areas in a well functioning regional symbiosis, created by open social innovation”.
Type: Project
The members of the SOCENT SPAs took off to a two-day site visit through some of Brandenburg’s most sparsely populated territories, Barnim and Uckermarck.
Type: Project
The members of the SOCENT SPAs took off to a two-day site visit through some of Brandenburg’s most sparsely populated territories. Second Part
Type: Project
Lead Partner: Municipality of Reggio Emilia
Seven partners around Europe, work together for 5 years to strengthen the support to Small and Medium-sized companies in their attempt to go global. Compete In looks to improve the effectiveness of regions and cities as facilitators of internationalisation processes. Cities and regions promote international relations and act as governance actors and enablers for a range of local stakeholders who cooperate to make regions as better able to pursue internationalisation. A new approach    The project deploys a new methodology: approaching internationalisation not by addressing uniquely SMEs, but by addressing the regional systems’ of distinctive territorial competences, always bearing in mind that the final objective is to support SMEs going global. The interregional learning The interregional learning process will be developed through study visits, transfer workshops, meetings and interregional events during the entire length of the project. Partners will exchange their local best practices on internationalisation, focusing on three main areas: the attraction of investments, the penetration of new markets and territories and the creation of international partnerships.
Lead Partner: Nordregio – Nordic Centre for Spatial Development
Please check out Social Green video presentation from our launch event. The video includes a meeting with Social Green Partners and an explanation of the local importance of this project. The proposed project entitled “Regional Policies towards Greening the Social Housing Sector” is oriented to jointly tackling the topic of housing deprivation and energy efficiency in the scope of social housing sector towards a lower carbon economy. In this context the overall objective of the project is to improve regional policy instruments targeting the link between social housing sector and fuel poverty with green building interventions considering policy, institutional, financial and technical levels. Through interregional cooperation, regions will identify, share and transfer innovative methodologies, processes and good practices in developing and implementing greener social housing sector policies, targeting new constructions or retrofitting existing buildings. For do so, study visits, good practices workshop, local stakeholders meetings, among other dissemination events will be organised. Within this interregional learning process (phase 1 - 5 semesters) the regions involved in the project will develop important outputs, namely: self-assessment reports, good practices guides and regional action plans. Following the phase 1, it will start a period with the duration of four semesters - phase 2, focused on monitoring the implementation of the action plans developed previously and a final result report will be produced to summarise its achievements. The partnership includes 8 partners from 6 countries (Portugal, Spain, Croatia, Estonia, Sweden, Romania), with capacity to influence the policy instruments related to greening the social housing sector. One advisory partner, Nordregio (Sweden) will provide scientific and technical support to the consortium. The other partners, mainly municipalities, energy agencies and Managing Authorities will jointly work in the development of the main project's activities, namely preparation, implementation and monitoring.
Lead Partner: IFKA Public Benefit Non-Profit Ltd. for the Development of the Industry
In 2011, the European Commission launched the Social Business Initiative (SBI)2 in a recognition of the growing social economy and entrepreneurship that accounts for more than 11 millions of workers, 4.5 % of the active EU population. Since then, a lot has been achieved (e.g. the European Social Entrepreneurship Fund, Social Stock Exchanges), however, policies addressed to social enterprises are still under-developed and fragmented in most Member States.  Motivated by the above challenge, SOCIAL SEEDS partnership aims to equip policy-makers with evidence-based policy diagnostic tool that increases the effectiveness of local and regional policies for stimulation of growth & employment (preferably of vulnerable social groups) in social enterprises (SE) including their eco-systems in European cities and regions. To this end, regional and local government-run measurement and labelling scheme addressed to social enterprises (SE) will be established. It will help policy-makers’ concrete actions towards creating the right conditions to allow the sector to thrive.  Although, similar issues related to strengthening the position of SEs within the private & public sphere has already been part of EU development agendas for many years, but the focus on ranking and benchmarking regional and local SEs according to policy metrics is new. Therefore, SOCIAL SEEDS partners believe that the achievements will efficiently contribute to shaping European policymaking as well as engage multi-stakeholders in the way policies are generated, implemented and monitored.
IMPACT project celebrated its 3rd Interregional Meeting in Lithuania.
Type: Project
22/10/2018 - 24/10/2018
Social Values in a Changing World – Best Practices from Europe. Rovaniemi & Salla. Finland.
Type: Project
As we have already told you next November SOCENT SPAs will participate in Presura, to be held in Soria.
Type: Project