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Molise 4th INNOGROW Stakeholder Meeting


The 4th Stakeholder Meeting in Molise, Italy will assess the performance of regions on promoting...

Type: Project

Third local stakeholder meeting in Stara Zagora


Third local stakeholder meeting in Stara Zagora (Bulgaria) for the 3rd semester of the INNOGROW...

Type: Project

Agro & Food Congress Twente


On November 8th, 2018 the Agro & Food Congress in Almo, Twente took place. Held at the Stadslab...

Type: Project

SG meeting in Saxony on October 26th, 2017


The aim of the stakeholder group meeting was to bring the action recommendations gained from the...

Type: Project

5th Stakeholders' Meeting!


The fifth INNOGROW local stakeholders’ meeting was held in Stara Zagora, on the 28th of September,...

Type: Project


Summary: Programme developed by the Burgos Chamber of Commerce partially funded with ERDF to promote innovation among the companies placed in rural areas of Burgos.

Location: Castilla y León, Spain (España)

LAG TAGUS promoting Smart Specialisation in the scope of Rural...

Summary: Methodology to attract research and innovation processes to rural territories through Smart Specialisation and based on the work of Local Action Groups (LAGs).

Location: Extremadura, Spain (España)

P-IRIS recognised on EU level


P-IRIS part of European impulses for developing good innovation networks in rural areas.

Type: Project

P-IRIS at the conference of Euromontana


Rethinking territorial balances between urban and rural areas in the European Mountains

Type: Project

“1 village = 1MW” programme

Summary: The purpose of the programme is twofold, using rural renewable energy sources together with solar and wind energy and establishing new workplaces.

Location: Észak-Magyarország, Hungary (Magyarország)