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Future of Design Research & Policy


A new study on the future of design in research and policy by Dr Anna Whicher

Type: Project

Hessen launches SUMP.Academy


To create a framework event for all co-planning panels, HTAI/CC-SUM decided to organize and...

Type: Project

MPs Host webinar


Oldham Members of Parliament Host successful business webinar

Type: Project

Bulgarian stakeholder fighting with SMEs crisis


As it is known everywhere, at least in Europe -many initiatives are run to fight with the negative...

Type: Project

Cork City Council Endorses the Mannheim Message


Cork City Council endorses the Mannheim Message, an open call to local governments across Europe to...

Type: Project

Regional Seminar in Czech


First seminar took place at the end of May in České Budějovice in the South Bohemian Agency for...

Type: Project

Norwegian Press Release


The pandemic of Covid-19 touches our life in each area. We're so proud and lucky to have the ability...

Type: Project

Cork City in European Mobility Week 2019


"Race Against Rob" event was held in Cork City and challenged participants to race with an Olymic...

Type: Project

Cooperação Inter-Regional

Article published by the Comissão de Coordenação e Desenvolvimento Regional do Alentejo in Portugal on the 25/01/2019

From folder: Media Appearances

TE2 Designing Community Engagement Activities

TE2 - Graphic representation on workshop to design community engagement activities

From folder: Graphic Recordings of Thematic Events