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Policy brief on smart grids


Smart-grid technologies present a solution to the need to provide flexibility in the electricity...

Type: Platform

Smart Grids: Regulatory Recommendations

EG3 Report Smart Grids Task Force: Smart Grids Regulatory Recommendations for the Deployment of Flexibility (2015)

From folder: Smart Grids

Smart Grids: Digital Energy 4.0

European Technology Platform for Smart Grids: DIGITAL ENERGY 4.0 (2016) 05

From folder: Smart Grids

Smart electricity grids and meters

European Parliamentary Research Service (EPRS): Smart electricity grids and meters in the EU Member States (2015)

From folder: Smart Grids

Regulatory challenges deployment of smart grids

Directorate General for Energy European Commission presents: Regulatory challenges for the deployment of smart grids (2016)

From folder: Smart Grids

Smart grids in the new programming period


The role of transnational R&I networks to strengthen smart energy

Type: Project

SMILE project (Smart Ideas to Link Energies)

Summary: SMILE supports the development and implementation at regional level of major industrial and territorial projects related to smart grids.

Location: Bretagne, France

How to deploy smart grids in the territory?


Which services should go along with this deployment? What is the role of consumers? How to manage...

Type: Project

Learning from the rollout of district heating and cooling grids


The Interreg North-West Europe project HeatNet is testing an innovative idea of turning old...

Type: Platform

SMART WASTE - Innovation in Waste Management Policies

Lead Partner: Resources Recovery Regional Agency

Local, regional, and national authorities are working hard to manage in an always more sustainable way their waste and implement a comprehensive and circular approach. They consider new approaches and technologies to reduce, reuse, recycle, and...