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The Zaragoza Provincial Council continues to work to advertise the project and establish lines of work with stakeholders.
Type: Project
Lead Partner: Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fishing and Sustainable Development.. Regional Government of Andalucía
New management models to balance preservation and exploitation of protected areas (Natura 2000) has become a priority in most EU regions. Protected areas are primarily defined to preserve biodiversity. This is undoubtedly their main goal. Well managed, protected areas are an opportunity for green jobs creation. However, this does not necessarily mean that they cannot host controlled, biodiversity-friendly, economic activities within and outside their boundaries. Well managed, protected areas are an opportunity for green jobs creation,  with such activities as eco-tourism, outdoors sports or recreational fishing.  The video below tells the story of "The Amber Catcher", which was collected during the implementation of the IMPACT project. It portrays the description of a commercial activity developed inside a Protected Area that does not impact its natural values.  Some  challenges are : How to combine profitable activities and, at the same time, not damage nature?How to mediate with different stakeholders having diverse (economic and conservationist) interests?How to stabilise green jobs during all seasons?How to involve stakeholders in biodiversity preservation and raise general awareness about natural assets (risks and potential)? IMPACT project aims at changing management policies in order to promote productive activities in and around protected areas without compromising biodiversity conservation. Interregional cooperation will help to achieve this goal.  Through stakeholder groups meetings, interregional events, study visits and forums the potential of protected areas will be transformed into growth, income and green jobs in and around protected areas. Natura 2000 sites could be turned around more sustainable and efficient if improved policy instruments and approaches are adopted.
On 5th and 6th June, 2019 in Jasionka (Poland) Forum of Cities and regions took place. The title of event was: "investing in Western Balkans - Investing in Euro...
Type: Project
PROGRAM09.15 Registration and coffee09.45 Orientation, musical presentation09.50 Opening speech: Chair of the steering group of the Business Transfer ForumJari ...
Type: Project
On Thursday, 23rd May 2019, SILVER SMEs organised an international conference on “Business opportunities linked to Active Ageing” in Tolmin, Slovenia.
Type: Project
Providing effective financial incentives for internationalisation of SMEs
Location: Vzhodna Slovenija, Slovenia (Slovenija)
Project: INTRA
The Kick-Off meeting of the P2L2 project takes place in Bremen.
Type: Project
Regulation for participatory management of public green areas, vegetable gardens, etc to improve usability and community integration
Location: Emilia-Romagna, Italy (Italia)
Project: PERFECT
BestPOLICY -addresses the needs of metropolitan areas of sustainable urban regeneration, exploiting the convergence between energy efficiency of buildings and public lighting, to improve quality of life. The urban regeneration system will be most center on citizens, basis in the process of making a bright smart region a reality. The project aims at providing a preview of European Regional Innovation trends by presenting the concept of Smart Specialization and its potential impact on regional development trajectories in a metropolitan development framework.
A new study on the future of design in research and policy by Dr Anna Whicher
Type: Project