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Project development assistance as a financial instrument that supports primarily public sector investors by bridging the gap between project idea and finance.
Location: Kontinentalna Hrvatska, Croatia (Hrvatska)
Project: BUILD2LC
The Project Green Hospital is an initiative implemented by the USL Tuscany Southeast to make more efficient and friendly hospitals.
Location: Toscana, Italy (Italia)
Project: REBUS
Incentivize design and implementation of EE measures, to reduce energy consumption in buildings, promote the transition to a low-carbon economy for SMEs
Location: Toscana, Italy (Italia)
Project: SME POWER
High School in the centre of Ljubljana has no school yard or open space of its own, so the teachers and students decided to design a terrace garden.
Location: Zahodna Slovenija, Slovenia (Slovenija)
Project: PERFECT
Lead Partner: Extremadura Energy Agency
ENERSELVES project, Policy instruments for energy self-consumption in buildings, is led by AGENEX, Extremadura Energy Agency, with the following aims: Promote new policies or improve existing policies to support the integration of renewable energy into buildings for self-consumption financed by the Structural Funds and other EC instruments. Design policies to promote only those renewable energies for self- consumption technologies with greater benefits in each region. Define clear KPI (Key Performance Indicators) to identify the best investment by value. Transmit how European policies have an impact on society Support the integration of RES in buildings ENERSELVES focus in the integration of RES for self-consumption, but not every RES is cost-effective for every region, so it needs an in depth analysis and a definition of clear KPIs to identify the best value-for-money investment. Due to the necessity of optimizing the limited SFs, only by focusing in the RES that provided a higher impact on the Growth and Jobs the regions will be investing their funds in a proper manner. ENERSELVES focuses on designing policies to promote only those RES for self-consumption technologies with higher benefits in each region. WHAT ARE THE MAIN OUTPUTS?  Improving 7 Operational Programmes in 7 EU regions, involving 4 Managing Authorities and 3 key energy actorsInfluencing 13 M€ of Structural Funds by the policy instruments175 people increasing professional capacity attending Interregional events38 policy learning events with stakeholders110 good practices identified and collected in a Guide of Best Practices
The first pilot Pre-commercial Procurement (PCP) in Italy, launched for the benefit of a Public Hospital
Location: Lombardia, Italy (Italia)
Project: TITTAN
Encouragement of energy using companies to increase of energy efficiency as the basic for more rational solutions within the company. the
Location: Lietuva, Lithuania (Lietuva)
Project: LOCARBO
The saving of energy consumption of the buildings will need social house resident in order to repay the management costs and in order to purchase the houses
Location: Campania, Italy (Italia)
Project: CLEAN
PIRVEC (Strategic Plan for the deployment of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in Catalonia) aims to remove hurdles for EV development in the region
Location: Cataluña, Spain (España)
Project: EV Energy