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During the two-day Peer Review in Vienna, peers from different countries discussed how trustworthy artificial intelligence can be established in companies.
Type: Platform
Exchanging with policy practitioners from other regions helped Hauts-de-France to receive new inspiration to improve their absorption of structural funds.
Type: Platform
Discover the follow-up report of the peer review on sector prioritisation and the Entrepreneurial Discovery Process (EDP).
Type: Platform
The Policy Learning Platform organised a peer review on the topic of the scaling the involvement of companies in CSR in the PACA region. Read about the outcome.
Type: Platform
EU peers help to improve talent attraction, retention and startup monitoring practices in Catalonia in the first ever online peer review
Type: Platform
The Region Sud hosted a Policy Learning Platform Peer Review on the topic of Artificial Intelligence in the health sector. Discover the outcome.
Type: Platform
The 2015/2016 annual report on European SMEs was published in the context of the SME Performance review. It presents good news: SME recovery continues.
Type: Platform
Take a look at the policy recommendations gathered from the peer review in Sofia, Bulgaria, in June.
Type: Platform
Discover the impacts of public research on innovation performance and policies to stimulate university-industry collaboration.
Type: Platform
In March 2020, the Policy Learning Platform organised a peer review to assist the Naturpark Our (Luxembourg) in their policy challenge.
Type: Platform