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Explore the importance of research and innovation in less-developed European regions to promote regional convergence within the European Union.
This policy brief focuses on the use of vouchers to foster SME competitiveness and aims at providing a comprehensive overview of the good practices and the policy improvements basing on voucher schemes in those projects.
In order to make Europe more sustainable and to become a pillar in the shift towards a circular economy, water management needs to improve significantly. Get inspired by policy solutions in this policy brief.
We need to foster skills for the energy transition at local and regional levels to encourage clean technologies and energy-efficient applications to reach the European Union's climate targets.
Discover five policy recommendations using the experience of Interreg Europe projects dealing with the development of skills for innovation to offer regions a path towards better regional innovation.
The social economy is a crucial part of the EU socioeconomic landscape. To foster the growth of the EU social economy, policy action is needed. This policy brief aims to spotlight Interreg Europe projects that work to improve their local social economy.
Urban logistics is responsible for significant carbon emissions, air pollutants and urban noise. Authorities realise that clean urban logistics need to become mainstream to support continued sustainable economic growth.
Overtourism has a devastating impact on natural and cultural heritage of many popular holiday spots around the world. This policy brief presents solutions to the current challenges of the tourism sector.
In order to achieve more successful business transfers, the complexities of the process should be taken into account. In this policy brief you'll discover business transfer challenges and good practices from Interreg Europe partner regions as potential so
Self-consumption of renewable energy can provide financial, environmental and security benefits for households, businesses, grid operators and society at large.