We’re always working hard to improve your experience of our programme. From introducing simplification measures and adapting to the COVID-19 environment to sharing tips on hosting online events, we’re constantly evolving.

And so is our website!

What’s new?

Thanks to your suggestions and the hard work of our user-testers, we made the following improvements to the search tool on the website.

The search filters

Filters help you narrow down your search. They can be helpful if they are relevant and clear. To improve your search experience, we’ve:

  • Removed the filters no one used and added better ones
  • Renamed some filters to make them clearer
  • Tailored the filters to your specific search needs

The search box

The box you use to create your search should be easy to use. To improve your experience, we’re:

  • Showing you the number of results your search has generated
  • Asking you to select filters to narrow down your search (before, it was the opposite)
  • Suggesting related content if your search does not generate results

The tags

Tags helps us group content together. They help the website ‘decide’ what content is relevant to the search you create.

To improve your search experience, we’ve reduced the number of tags from 16,000 to just 215. Download the list. And we will continue to improve on this list over time.

Want to become a user-tester?

We’ve launched an open call for people interested in giving us feedback on our website and online services for the present and the future programme (2021-2027). Find out what’s involved and how you can help.