The Policy Learning Platform launched the peer review service to help regional authorities around Europe to get concrete, personalised solutions to their policy challenges. Peer reviews are driven by intense face-to-face exchanges with hand-picked peers and experts from across Europe. Given the COVID-19 pandemic, a new online format for policy learning is currently proposed on a case-by-case basis. Our call for applications is always open. 

Two years after the launch of peer reviews, 18 authorities benefited from this type of interregional learning and found new ideas and approaches for their policies. If we are talking about improving Berlin's start-up internationalisation strategy, or helping the Belgium's German speaking community to implement their SECAP (Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan), our experts facilitated fruitful meetings that resulted in concrete policy recommendations for the host. Explore here all our past peer reviews.

In today’s context when the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemics is hard to predict, and knowing that the needs of policymakers remain the same, we put in place an online option for personalised policy learning in June 2020. Naturally, we will continue striving for in-person peer reviews as much as possible, but for those applicants that want to test online formats, this is a possibility as well.

Have a look at the terms of reference. This service is permanently open and the application is a simple online form. Depending on your regional context, policy needs and wishes, we will adapt and make sure you will experiment the #policylearning through tailor-made exchanges with like-minded experts and peers from across Europe. Apply here

Any questions? Contact our Thematic Manager, Elena Ferrario, e.ferrario[at]

And if you are still wondering about the overall added value of exchanging with peers around Europe, check this testimony from Karina Angelieva, Deputy Minister for Education and Science, host of a peer review that took place in Bulgaria:

Photo credits: photo by Chris Montgomery on Unsplash