Policymakers face many challenges in their continuous struggle to improve and put in place effective policies. One of these challenges is seeing clearly which tools are out there that can help with finding the right policy solutions. 

The Policy Learning Platform is a space for continuous learning where the policy making community in Europe can tap into the know-how of experts and peers. The Platform is open to all policymakers that are looking into improving their regional policies. 

We can guide through the forest of policies and get you on the right track. We do this by providing different learning opportunities. From simple news articles that will update you on the latest policy trend in your field to intensive 2 days meeting in which we analyse your policy challenge with European experts and set out a plan of action.

Nicolle Lambrechts, policy advisor in The Netherlands and beneficiary of our services explains: 'learning shouldn’t end with graduation. We live in a fast-changing world and it is vital for policy analysts to focus on continuous learning. And this is what the Policy Learning Platform offers: an incredible opportunity to stay up to speed with what happens around Europe.'

Discover the tools that the Policy Learning Platform puts at your disposal

  • Consider applying for a peer review when you like to get to the bottom of things. Host a two-day meeting with peers and you will leave with a list of recommendations and follow up steps to take. Do you want to know the best part? Applying is easy, the form is about 2 pages and does not require supporting documents. The call is open permanently and applications are considered after each cut-off date. 

  • Read our policy briefs and watch our webinars to discover recommendations and inspiring examples of policymakers that have been in your position before. Find these useful resources in our knowledge hub
  • Get in touch with people (online and offline) to exchange experiences and to find long-lasting partners through our community
  • Check our expert helpdesk and explore whether an intense online session with European policy making peers can bring clarity to your challenge. You can request the topic of choice and inform us on your exact needs. 

Are you still hesitating whether our platform is for you? Get in touch with us and we can help you find what service will correspond to the needs of your regional policy challenge! 

What beneficiaries say about our services

Jan Nylander hosted a peer review in his region, Gävleborg, Sweden, on the topic of the challenges of leadership and governance of regional innovation processes.

Jan mentioned: 'it would be too expensive not to do it. Indeed, we neither have the funding nor the time to miss the opportunity of benefitting from the experiences of others, good and bad. [..] the peer review has shown to be a strong convincing argument towards policymakers who have the responsibility to trigger change and innovation. In fact, the peer review allows you to show that new ideas and approaches work elsewhere, a powerful tool.'

Luc Hulsman, participant in the thematic workshop on RIS3 says this event 'was a perfect combination of listening, learning, exchanging and networking'.

Mariona Miret, policy officer for the Barcelona Provincial Council and participant in the creative hubs webinar mentions 'I believe this webinar is a really good asset for my training and I take the opportunity to highlight my wish to continue participating in the Policy Learning Platform activities/training'.

You too, start your #policylearning journey today!

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Image credit: Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash