2019 is coming to an end, which means it is time to reflect on the past year in order to come up with resolutions for 2020. At the Policy Learning Platform we believe in cooperation and the power of collective intelligence. Therefore, we created several occasions for policymakers around Europe to meet and exchange. Here are some of our Policy Learning Platform highlights. 

1. What people say about Policy Learning Platform activities?

'For me [this workshop] it was a perfect combination of listening, learning, exchanging & networking' mentioned Luc Hulsman who particiapted in the workshop on how to better monitor, evaluate and design smart specialisation strategies. 

Nicolle Lambrechts who participated in the peer review in Gavlebörg, Sweden mentioned: 'Learning shouldn’t end with the graduation. We live in a fast changing world and it is vital for policy analysts to focus on continuous learning. And this is what the Policy Learning Platform offers: an incredible opportunity to stay up to speed with what happens around Europe.' 

'The peer review gave us the opportunity to gain new insights to further the strategic development of the Trade Desk, new ideas to increase the awareness of our services and contributed to new approaches of how to manage Public Advocacy at a national and European level. We are looking forward to implementing some of your suggestions.' said Alba Lara Elias who participated in the peer review in Catalonia, Spain. 

2. Our most popular webinars and policy briefs

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3. And don't forget...

Our peer review service is now open permanently!

With the new programming period appearing on the horizon, this is the moment to tap into the knowledge that the Policy Learning Platform offers. Tackling policy challenges is easier when we learn from other people successes and failures. 

Based on your particular regional challenge, with our peer review service, we propose to organise a 2-days meeting with European experts in the field. This is a free service designed for public authorities. Read more about this together with some past success stories here.

We wish you all a successful 2020!