A widespread challenge for policy makers is to ensure the highest possible visibility of support measures among the target group of businesses, and to reduce the fragmentation of knowledge on existing funding possibilities and direct or indirect support instruments. This is an ongoing task on the agenda of local, regional, national and European policy makers, which require continuous improvement.

Here are two European initiatives contributing to a better accessibility of information that are worth highlighting.

1. Signposting Directory 

The European IP Helpdesk’s Signposting Directory is a dynamic database providing access to key institutions and services active in the fields of intellectual property, research and/or business support, at EU level and at national and regional level in each of the 28 EU Member States as well as in the COSME countries. It includes contact details for national IP offices, national data protection offices, customs authorities, funding agencies, and more. 

The search tool enables to search the database by name, type of organisation, geographical area or types of services provided, as illustrated by the picture below.

Source: European IP Helpdesk’s Signposting Directory.

The database of actors shall be expanded on regular basis and kept up to date by the European IP Helpdesk’s team. Potentially relevant organisations are invited to get in touch through the website.

2. Overview of EU instruments contributing to the internationalisation of European businesses

Several European programmes contribute to support the internationalisation of businesses through different instruments. Several Directorates General of the European Commission have joined forces in order to establish an overview of EU instruments contributing to the internationalisation of European businesses presenting the funding possibilities and the instruments (direct and indirect) that exist in the framework of several EU programmes.

This overview shall be updated every year and is available here on the DG GROW website. 

Both initiatives contribute to reinforce the coherence of the complex European business support ecosystem.

Image credit: Photo by bruce mars from Pexels