Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) are a group of six technologies: micro and nanoelectronics, nanotechnology, industrial biotechnology, advanced materials, photonics, and advanced manufacturing technologies. They are essential for innovation in a range of products across all industrial sectors and drive the development of new industries. They can help structure new cluster-driven industrial value chains. Their important role for creating advanced and sustainable economies make them a key element of European industrial policy.

The KETs Observatory website, supported by DG GROW monitors and analyses emerging trends within the KETs field through comprehensive and updated statistics.

Aimed at policy makers and business stakeholders at EU, national and regional level, the KETs Observatory website makes use of a number of different indicators to describe the deployment and performance of KETs at different stages of the value chain, both within the EU-28 and in comparison to East Asia and North America. The indicators cover patent applications, production, trade and business, thereby facilitating analysis of the invention, application and use of new technologies.

The KETs Observatory website was last updated at the end of 2016 and how includes interactive maps and charts that provide easier access to data and allow users to focus on a specific technology, country or region of interest. The statistics available on country and regional level can provide support in the development of research and innovation strategies and smart specialisation in the area of KETs. Interreg Europe project partners can also implement interesting data search and analysis to support their project objectives. Interreg projects with an interest in the theme of Industrial Modernisation will find these resources of particular use.

Future updates of the website will continue to develop the features to include more in-depth analyses of fast-growing KETs-based products and services, as well as an expanded scope of statistics covering the digital dimension of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies (AMT). 

Image credit: Image by Андрей Баклан from Pixabay