The Interreg Europe Policy Learning Platform has published a first series of eight policy briefs offering in-depth insights on low-carbon economy topics such as active modes of transport, e-mobility, renewable energy communities and behaviour change for energy efficiency. 

The policy briefs aim to support regional and local policy makers in formulating and developing new policy measures and in identifying good practices that have worked elsewhere in Europe. The briefs provide a concise summary of a specific challenge, latest European developments, recommendations, successful strategies and good practices. 

Low-carbon economy expert Simon Hunkin explains: 'Each policy brief focuses on a specific challenge related to the low-carbon transition in energy or mobility. The policy brief on e-mobility for example provides policy makers with insights into the latest EU developments. It looks at policy options and measures that support e-mobility at regional level including charging infrastructure, incentives, procurement and public private partnerships. In addition, we featured policy approaches from Amsterdam Metropolitan Region, Lazio, Catalonia, Castilla-y-Leon, and many other regions and cities.' 

Three pictures of differenct urban areas shozing trams and people walking

The first series of policy briefs can be downloaded below:

Challenge: How to encourage renovation of private households

Challenge: How to encourage use of public transport 

Challenge: How to foster use of local biomass supplies for sustainable energy generation

Challenge: How to create financial instruments using European structural funds to scale-up energy refurbishment in view of reaching the EU targets

Challenge: How to encourage individuals to change their energy consumption behaviour 

Challenge: How to create a regional framework for supporting energy efficiency

Challenge: How to provide mobility options to touristic regions and regions with low population density

Challenge: How to encourage individuals to work together in co-financing and operating decentralised energy generation technologies

Challenge: How to create a mobility plan for your city to lower the transport sectors carbon emissions while providing users with attractive mobility options

Challenge: How to support the uptake of electric vehicles

Challenge: How to incentivise citizens to leave the car at home and get into walking and cycling

Coming soon: The Policy Learning Platform will produce a policy brief on supporting 'The Cycling City'

Image credit: Photo by Janko Ferlic from Pexels