In the webinar on Boosting Export through Collective Support, our SME competitiveness experts, Rene Tõnnisson and Luc Schmerber invited several project representatives to share their experiences. Rene and Luc started with an introduction to the main challenges that are currently faced when internationalising as well as instruments to overcome these barriers. Their presentations were followed up by good practices from several Interreg Europe projects.

  • Granada Rodríguez Rubiano and Lucila Castro Rovillard from the INTRA Project presented their good practice: ‘Export Consortiums’. In which they explained more about how to allow companies to join forces to approach external markets and how to minimise costs and risks in doing so. Find the full presentation over here: Export Consortiums.
  • Steve Samson from the SIE Project presented the good practice: ‘Kent International Business’. A one stop shop solution that should avoid any confusion amongst SMEs and raises awareness to the benefits of international trade. Read more about which partners are involved over here: Kent International Business.
  • Finally, Laurent Lecoeur joined the webinar to inform us about the good practice ‘Export Accelerator’ from the FFWD EUROPE project. Laurent briefly explained the support that is given through the coordinated regional approach to internationalisation of SMEs. To read more about the functioning of this support, find the full presentation here: Export Accelerator.

The webinar ended with several questions and a brief discussion between our panellists and the audience. In case you missed out on anything, you can watch the entire webinar below:


In order to facilitate the navigation through the webinar, we present you with a short overview of timing:

  • 00:00 - Introduction by Raluca Toma from the Policy Learning Platform
  • 06:10 - Introduction by our Thematic Experts, Luc Schmerber and Rene Tõnnisson
  • 23:40 - Presentation by Lucila Castro from INTRA project
  • 40:30 - Presentation by Steve Samson from SIE project
  • 52:52 - Presentation by Laurent Lecoeur from FFWD Europe project
  • 59:50 - Questions and panel discussion 

Image credits: Pexels