Call for applications - results

Last October, the Policy Learning Platform closed their first call for applications to take part in an interregional Peer Review. Now, after receiving 13 applications from regions across Europe, the Policy Learning Platform is ready to launch their support by approving seven proposals from Bulgaria, Sweden, Germany, Spain, Belgium, France and Luxembourg.

The following institutions will host a Peer Review:

Research and innovation

  1. The Executive Agency Science and Education for Smart Growth Operational Programme, the Ministry of Education and Science, Bulgaria
  2. The Region of Gävleborg, Sweden

SMEs competitiveness

  1. The Government Agency Catalonia Trade & Investment, Generalitat de Catalunya, Spain
  2. The Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises, Germany

Low-carbon economy

  1. The Ministry of the German-speaking community of Belgium, Belgium

Environment and resource efficiency

  1. The Conseil Régional Provence-Alpes-Côte d´Azur, France
  2. The Nature Park Our, National Nature Conservation Agency, Luxembourg

The first Peer Review for 2019 took already place on 29-30 January in the Region of Gävleborg, Sweden. Peers from the Netherlands and Spain joined forces with the hosting region to discuss the challenges of ‘Leadership and governance of regional innovation processes’. Policy challenges, peer analyses, brainstorming of solutions prepared the ground for concrete policy recommendations.

The Platform will continue working with the regions from the applications that were not accepted to provide other forms of support.

Additionally, there will be another call for applications in 2019 - if you are interested in applying, please stay tuned to the Policy Learning Platform’s website.

The Peer Review service

This new service supports managing authorities and public bodies by organising hands-on feedback from other European regions about the implementation of their programmes and policies.

The idea is to invite a select number of regional representatives to a host region to examine their specific territorial and thematic context. From there, participants will make recommendations and give advice based on their expert experience. Generally, this visit lasts two days and allows peers to discuss different approaches, receive feedback, and draft a ‘to-do list’ for future follow-up actions.

In addition to organising and moderating the meeting, thematic experts from the Policy Learning Platform analysed all proposals to make sure stakeholders were well matched for the theme as well as the needs of the host region.

Past Peer Reviews

The first peer review in Lille, France brought together five regions from France, Ireland, Italy, Portugal and Spain, and fine-tuned policies regarding retrofitting of social housing and public buildings. The video below illustrates the highlights from the meeting.


Image credit: Image by Hermann Traub from Pixabay