Four thematic workshops across Europe

Through November and December, the Policy Learning Platform organised four thematic workshops in Sofia (Bulgaria), Manchester (UK), Bucharest (Romania), and Hamburg (Germany). These events brought together participants to learn about good practices, regional policy developments, and the services offered by the Policy Learning Platform. To faciliate networking, the workshops were held back-to-back with other targeted conferences like the Startup Summit, ETC university, and the Polis network annual conference. 

Attended by around 40 project leaders, regional and managing authorities, thematic experts and representatives from the Policy Learning Platform, each workshop was dedicated to one of the priorities of the programme.

Fostering of entrepreneurship and business creation, 14 November 2018, Sofia

The aim or the workshop was to pave the way for synergies and mutual learning between the Interreg Europe projects working on entrepreneurship and business creation. Consequently, the participating project representatives were invited to discuss and present their achievements, challenges, learn more about further European initiatives and see how projects could support each other in the future. For more information, please see the learning bag from the event.

Sustainable Mobility, 21 November 2018, Manchester

The workshop focused on allowing participants to exchange experience and knowledge in two thematic areas - behavioural change for sustainable mobility and sustainable mobility options for tourism. The day included good practice presentations from six current Interreg Europe projects, insights from the Thematic Experts of the Policy Learning Platform and key information from Policy Officers at the Joint Secretariat. More content details are available in the event learning bag.

Protection and management of natural heritage in European regions,

22-23 November 2018, Bucharest

This event brought together Interreg Europe project partners to discuss the latest developments in the topic and how Interreg Europe projects can contribute to regional efforts towards better protection and management of natural heritage assets. The thematic workshop was the first concrete opportunity for Interreg Europe projects dealing with natural heritage to exchange approaches and practices and discuss ideas and actions for future cooperation. For more information, please see the learning bag from the event.

Enhancing rural innovation capacity and performance,

5 December 2018, Hamburg

Focused on the challenges and opportunities in building rural innovation capacity, this workshop featured good practices and action plans from seven current projects. Additionally, speakers from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the European Commission provided a detailed update on the relevant policies at European and regional levels.

Thank you to all those that participated in the thematic workshops. Please stay tuned for future Policy Learning Platform events and webinars by visiting the Policy Learning page.

Image credit: Photo by Pixabay from Pexels