The Policy Learning Platform has been growing rapidly this year and the community is becoming stronger. We are happy to look back on a successful year, full of #policylearning opportunities. In case you missed anything, let’s look back on the main highlights of the past 12 months. 

Throughout various activities, community members have been able to connect and share their knowledge on policies related to the four thematic pillars: Research & Innovation, SME Competitiveness, Low-Carbon Economy, Environment and Resource Efficiency. We organised thematic workshops, online discussions, peer reviews and webinars for people and projects to exchange on policy initiatives and boost EU-wide policy learning. 

Thematic workshops

Seven thematic workshops have been organised, bringing together regional authorities from all over Europe to learn about policies and innovative projects. Here is a recap of the successful workshops of this year:

Peer reviews

We also celebrated the first round of onsite peer reviews - the call for applications was opened in August. This new initiative showed to be successful with 13 international requests received and the first peer review conducted in Lille, France. 

Are you looking for this type of help from peers on how they tackled certain issues in policy development? Are you eager to exchange on your challenge at hand and learn through sharing? Stay tuned in 2019 for future calls! 


Our community is growing strong and the more we are, the more knowledge there is to share. Get in contact with peers that are interested in the same policy topics as you and learn from each other’s approach. Our community platform focuses on getting people to collaborate to overcome issues and to unitedly improve policies all over the EU. 

The matchmaking sessions we organised in Brussels, for the European Week of Regions and Cities, focused on delivering smart solutions for European cities and regions through free, and on-demand expert services and a community of peers. We reached out to managing authorities that did not yet benefit from interregional learning and put together targeted and personalised policy matchmaking sessions. The face-to-face exchanges ignited the spark to continue the discussion and exchanges between regions.

A great resource to learn from and through our community is the Good Practices database.  More than 400 items were validated by our thematic experts and are available online. Anyone with a great example of regional policy is welcome to share their experience with us! Take a look at good practices such as Innovation Loop, Cross Care or Voucher for SME to access pilot & demo infrastructures.

Throughout 2018 the Policy Learning Platform has also published over 70 news items including articles, online stories and policy briefs. In these policy briefs, our thematic experts collect the latest information on European policies and connect these to suitable good practices. These pieces are thus a great way to learn from peers on specific topics. Here are the most recent ones:

Online discussions and webinars

Finally, our online discussions and webinars have brought together over a 200 people that have learned and exchanged on the following topics: (You can replay the webinars and access the presentations by clicking on the links below.)

We are very happy to look back at a successful year and we will reveal soon the exciting activities and policy learning moments that we prepare for next year. Make sure you don’t miss out on any events, workshops, policy briefs and good practices by signing up for our newsletter!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Image credit: Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash