The EU policy framework recognises the value of cultural heritage and provides support to address challenges regarding its sustainable management and protection. Previous INTERREG IVC projects have highlighted the value of cooperation and sharing experiences. The current Interreg Europe programme supports regions to work together in addressing common challenges, such as the development of approaches for sustainable exploitation of both natural and cultural heritage assets.

The experts of the Interreg Europe Environment and Resource Efficiency Policy Learning Platform have prepared a Policy Brief on the role of regional cooperation in preserving cultural heritage.

Download the Policy Brief.

The Interreg Europe Policy Learning Platform is developed to stimulate knowledge exchange among project partners, regions and other interested practitioners. To fine-tune the services and products of the Platform to the user needs, we encourage you to share your ideas with Venelina Varbova, [email protected], Thematic Manager for Environment and Resource Efficiency.

Image credit: Photo by Pixabay from Pexels