"Exploitation" has become a key word in Europe. New research results emerge from every corner of the continent and their use is pivotal for transforming the scientific knowledge into prosperous, scalable businesses opportunities. The European Commission has made it clear that it is the exploitation that will keep the European businesses at the forefront of growth in the years to come, and will ensure that the "technologies of tomorrow" are not "forgotten" in the dust of labs or university archives.

At institutional level, the European Commission is a pioneer in the approach to bridge the gap between research results and exploitation. The "Common Exploitation Booster" (CEB) is the pilot service of the DG Research & Innovation, which aims at identifying, nurturing, maturing and commercializing key scientific results from FP7 and H2020 projects all over Europe. From 2016 to 2018, more than 230 projects will receive the support of the CEB services ranging from software for the music industry to exoskeletons for physically impaired patients.

It is the general assumption and hope that more and more local stakeholders and governments will seize the mantle and nurture exploitation within their ecosystems. Managing Authorities are looking for practices and sources of inspiration that have been tested by other institutional actors. CEB is one of the forefront services to be looked at and considered for adoption at national or regional scale, creating synergies with ERDF and ESF funds. With the unsteady and continuously changing global markets, it cannot be stressed enough just how important it is for the European stakeholders and policymakers to be the first to make effective use of public funds to turn scientific development into scalable market opportunities.

Table 1 - Services provided

CEB provides four types of services for projects and results in different levels of maturity

Analysis of Exploitation Risks

to scout the route towards the market and better tackle risks

Exploitation Strategy Seminar

a joint working session to streamline the exploitation strategy and go-to-market action plan

Business Plan Development

to design a convincing and actionable plan for exploitation

Brokerage and Pitching Event

where partners present their results to peers, potential users and investors, to pave the way for follow-ups

The Interreg Europe Policy Learning Platform is here to stimulate knowledge exchange. The projects of the same family will be encouraged to learn from each other. To fine-tune the services and products of the platform to the user needs, we encourage you to share your ideas with Andrea Di Anselmo, [email protected], Thematic Manager for Research and Innovation.