The Policy Learning Platform is developing further. Check out the latest updates which will make your experience with us more convenient and complete! Amongst the new features, the Policy Learning Platform allows users from all over the world join the community, download and print good practices.

We are pleased to announce we have added some new features to the Good Practice database to make your experience smoother.

Download a pdf with a Good Practice

You can now use the option ‘Print’ to print or convert the good practice description in a .pdf document. Many of you were indicating this would be really useful for your activities. In this way, you can collect a selection of good practices and have them ready at a meeting or event either in a computer folder or as a paper hand-out. Now it’s only one click to do this.

Image gallery

You have probably heard that a picture says more than a thousand words. As our database of good practices is growing (almost 200 good  practices at the moment!), more and more users are visiting it. To make your good practice more attractive, we advise you to add a photo which will be featured on the main page. Good practices with a photo grab users’ attention. In case you do not have a photo that could be used, you can now use the image gallery with high-quality images. Choose the one that best illustrates your good practice and submit it.

Registration for users outside of Europe

Initially, our community has been open only for the users from the European Union and European Economic Area. As we are growing, more and more people from other countries are asking if they could join. As #policylearning has no boundaries, users from all around the world can now set up an account and actively use the Policy Learning Services.

And much more is coming! We continue working on improving your experience with us. Let’s keep in touch in social media and at  

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Image credit: Photo by Pixabay from Pexels