The Interreg Europe Policy Learning Platform held its first webinar under the Low Carbon Economy theme on 12 June. The webinar discussed the topic of demand-responsive transport as a low-carbon mobility solution, and brought together projects looking at this issue. The Policy Leaning Platform’s Thematic Experts moderated the discussion and presented the upcoming policy brief on demand-responsive transport for validation. Presentations were also given by the LAST MILE and REGIO-MOB projects. Feedback from the event was very positive from the participants, and has informed the policy brief.

To access the presentations, please click on the title below: 

00:00 – 00:05:00 Welcome and introduction, Katharina Krell, Policy Learning Platform, Thematic Expert - Low-carbon Economy 

00:05:00 – 00:21:45 Policy brief on demand-responsive transport, Simon Hunkin, Policy Learning Platform, Thematic Expert - Low-carbon Economy 

00:22:05 – 00:42:35 Demand-reposnsive transport: state-of-the-art, main framework conditions and barriers, Agnes Kurzweil, LAST MILE project, Environment Agency Austria

00:42:40 – 00:55:30 Good practice: demand-responsive transport service for person with disabilities, Gregor Cunder, REGIO-MOB, Ljubljana Public Transport 

00:56:00 – 1:09:45 Good practice: TeleBus: on-demand “many to many” public transport, Maciej Maderak

1:10:00 – 1:17:00 Interactive session & Validation of the policy brief and Q&A session

Image credit: Photo by Aleksejs Bergmanis from Pexels